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My Culinary Kingdom

The geographic region known today as Sweden is an infinitely varied part of northern Europe. From Skåne’s fair-waving fields of corn and multiplicity of livestock in the south, via the forests of central Sweden with their game and lakes, and by way of the long coastline with its bounteous fisheries to the tasty berries, rare fish and reindeer of the far north.

This Culinary Kingdom of ours yields rich harvests and is replete with all manner of raw materials. Its bounty should be treated with care and with cooking methods both old and new. KC Wallberg combines a stewardship of earlier culinary traditions with a renewal of flavours and recipes.

Through this book he aims to inspire both the home cook and the professional to reflect on cookery and to see the full picture.

“Simplicity is the heart of a meal.
Simplicity takes knowledge to produce,
courage to comply with.”

KC Wallberg

In October 2013, "My Culinary Kingdom" was awarded as "The Best Food Litterature" by the swedish academy "Måltidsakademin".

KC Wallberg is a star chef with an outstanding track record and a well-known ambassador of Swedish food worldwide. He has been running the venerable Gubb­hyllan establishment at Skansen since 2008 and has a long list of credits which includes several awards, international assignments and a succession of cookbooks.


My Culinary Kingdom by KC Wallberg    
Photography by Per Erik Berglund
Graphic design by Urban Gyllström
ISBN 978-91-981105-0-0 (swedish version) / 978-91-981105-1-7 (english version)
Pages: 170
Size: 225 x 270 mm, hard cover
Release date: August 15th, 2013


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